Dan's Design Landscape Construction in Waterloo

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At the completion of the customers job, he/she is given a 'Scope of Work' report, as well as a copy of all photos taken.

We do all of the work ourselves from start to finish...Everything from marking out the site, excavating to the foundation, fixing the problems, backfilling dirt, regrading the yard, and is completed by hydroseeding for a new lawn.

Repairing a basement foundation is a time consuming, laborious, but very necessary job when the wall becomes weak and develops leaking cracks. The foundation of a house is the most important part of the structure; if the foundation fails, it weakens the whole house.

When repairing a basement, we undergo a number of steps to ensure that the job is done correctly, safely, and completely. The customer then feels secure in knowing that all of the issues are resolved.

The photos to the right are only a few of over 700 taken during this foundation and landscaping job.  We take numerous photos throughout the duration of all of our jobs because we want to be transparent and help the customer see the details of their job, especially when the majority of the work is done underground.